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QNN for the District of Luditz (1/5)

Quellen- und Namennachweis
für die sudetendeutsche Familiengeschichtsforschung

Abschnitt  II          Kreis  Luditz          Folge  9

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A Quellen- und Namennachweis is a list mainly of (family) names, which indicates references to where those names occur.

The Quellen- und Namennachweis for the district of Luditz refers to the Heimatbuch des Kreises Luditz. The original version of the "Quellen- und Namennachweis" was edited by the Vereinigung Sudetendeutscher Familienforscher (VSFF). A few copies of the original version (paper copy) my be ordered for DM 15,-- from Frau Gertrud Träger.  

  My present version, compared with the original version, contains several modifications and complements, for example: Special thanks go to Frau Gertrud Träger, for her kind and patient help.
(15.09.1998. - Ewald Keil, born in Schönau Nr. 35, Kreis Luditz)

I appreciate any criticism, hint, correction, and suggestion, referring to my revised version of the "Quellen- und Namennachweis für den Kreis Luditz".
You find my e-mail address on each page's lowest part.

Remarks about the "Heimatbuch des Kreises Luditz":

Notes for using this "Quellen- und Namennachweis"


The other 4 pages of the QNN for the District of Luditz

will only be available in German,

because they are mostly lists of place names and family names which do not need much translation in order to be understood.

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Notes for using this Quellen- und Namennachweis; Names and used abbreviations of places within the former Kreis Luditz; Family names in the Kreis Luditz; Family names of the Kreis Luditz, with initial A - B - C - D - E - F - G - H - I - J - K - L - M - N - O - P - Q - R - S - T - U - V - W - X - Y - Z; Start of the "QNN-Luditz" main page (= this page).

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Ewald Keil, (20030529)