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Heimatbuecher; and Bibliography for the Sudetenland

On this page, you could have expected the place index containing all the names of places covered by the following book:

Hemmerle, Rudolf: "Heimat im Buch"

2., überarbeitete und erweiterte Auflage.
Veröffentlichung des Sudetendeutschen Archivs, München.
ISBN 3-930626-07-1

According to its publisher's description, that book contains a list of Sudeten-German Heimatbuecher, place monographs, maps, Heimatblaetter, Heimat-journals, year-books, and almanacs, all of the time after 1945.
Unfortunately, for my planned publication of the book's place index, I did not get the explicit permission (nor an explicit prohibition) from the book's publisher, which is the Sudeten-German Archive in Muenchen.
Therefore, in my Internet pages, I will limit my bibliographical actions to compiling merely the Heimat literature regarding the Luditz district, from sources freely available to me.
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Ewald Keil, (20030529)