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Egerlandfahne Egerlandfahne
Local Historical CD of the Egerland
> Modifications of the CD <
(from Start of Sales until August 09th, 2007)

Modifications of the CD
(from Start of Sales until August 09th, 2007)

Note:   CD ring-label always bears the date '03.10.2000'.

Explanations for the columns of the following list of modifications:

  • The Date has the form year-month-day (e.g. 2001-01-31)
  • The Type of modification is abbreviated as follows:
    • Ec = error correction in the text of a book page
    • Re = modification of the form of representation
    • Ad = addition (explanation, enhancement)
    • De = deletion
    • Co = other type of general correction or modification
  • In case of affected pages originating from one of the three books on the CD, the title of the book is symbolized as follows:
    • D = "Zur Geschichte der Bauernhöfe und Familien auf den Dörfern der ehemaligen Stift Tepler Herrschaft. Die Dörfer des Witschiner Kirchspiels"
      (On the History of Farmsteads and Families in the Villages within the Former Dominion of the Monastery of Tepl. The Villages of Parish Witschin)
    • G = "Gedenkbuch der Gemeinde Schönau"
      (Chronicle of the Community of Schönau)
    • S = "Sudetendeutsches Ortsnamenverzeichnis"
      (Sudeten German Gazetteer).
  • If a book page has been modified, its page number also is specified
  • Path and name of the affected CD file
  • The last column describes the modification itself.

The list of modifications is sorted by descending date.
Date Type Book Page File Modification
2007-08-09 Co G s0glos.htm \ggs\s0glos.htm Archive branch Nepomuk replaces branch Luditz.
2007-02-28 Ec S 75 \sov\s0075.htm 'Rittarsgrün' must read 'Rittersgrün'.
2005-10-28 Co G 236p1 \ggs\img\i0236p1.gif inserted (irrelevant)
2005-10-28 Co G 0p1 \ggs\g0000p1.htm, k0000p1.htm Link to previous page deleted (already 1st. page)
2005-03-08 Co D   \dkw\s0edit.htm New e-address of Rainer Mannl:
2005-02-23 Co -   \posbsp.htm New e-address of Rainer Mannl:
2003-04-21 Ec G 59 \ggs\s0059.htm Beruf/Occupation of 'Michael Zimmer' must read 'Schindelmacher';
Beruf/Occupation of 'Jan Reymer' deleted.
2003-04-21 Ec G 58 \ggs\s0058.htm 'Körbl' corrected to 'Körbel';
'Kudlerowa' corrected to 'Kadlerowa'.
2002-11-21 Ec S 137 \sov\s0137.htm Line 'Diwischow (Divis^ov), Markt Eisenstein 59/5' corrected to 'Diwischowitz (Divis^ovice), zu Langendorf, Bergreichenstein 58/11'
2002-04-27 Ec S 129 \sov\s0129.htm lLine 'Butschafka (Buc^avka), Jagerndorf 48/8' corrected to 'Butschafka (Buc^avka), Jägerndorf 48/8'.
2002-04-15 Ec S 77 \sov\s0077.htm Last 2 places after place sequence number 114 (= Worka):  changed number from '111' and '112' to '115' and '116'
2002-04-14 Ec S 77 \sov\s0077.htm At place nr. 91:  wrong name 'Semitsch', taken over from original book, corrected to 'Semtisch'; also inserted in correction list for original book.
2001-06-28 Co S 47 \sov\s0047.htm The 5 lines 'Stadtkr. Ausssig'  through  '3 Aussig ...' combined to the following 3 lines:
    1    Stadtkr. Aussig      36,86   ...
    2      Reichenberg        37,35   ...
    3    Ldkr. Aussig        318,81   ...
2001-05-22 Ec S 17 \sov\s0017.htm Gerichtsbezirk Wallern (under: Politischer Bezirk Prachatitz): 'a.' replaced by 'b.'
2001-05-19 Ec     \start.htm alternative title 'Schlesisches Adler' for heraldic figure of Silesian eagle, replaced by 'Schlesischer Adler'
2001-04-26 Co     \start.htm current date '(Stand 12.12.2000)' replaced by '(Stand 26.04.2001)' [etc.]
2001-04-26 Ec S 337
in the original book (all editions!), the titles for column 2 ('Kreis') and column 3 ('Gemeinde') are in reverse order; after scanning, the same wrong order was taken over to the book on CD. Now, the column titles on CD were corrected to column 2 ('Gemeinde') and column 3 ('Kreis').
2001-04-26 Ad S   \sov\s0korr.htm the mentioned corrections for pages 337 through 353 were included in the correction list for the original book
2001-04-26 Ec S 10 \sov\s0010.htm 'Kreiszugohörigkeit' replaced by 'Kreiszugehörigkeit'
2001-02-26 Ec G 288 \ggs\s0288.htm 'Karlbad' replaced by 'Karlsbad'
2001-01-11 Re     \ankuend.htm some quotation marks '"' in the text must be replaced by their HTML representation of '&quot;' (most web browsers will display them correctly, in both cases)
2000-12-12 Ec S 338 \sov\s0338.htm in list columns 4 and 5:
each of the tildes '~' for Czech diacritics hac^ek must be replaced by a '^' for hac^ek
2000-12-12 Re S 110 \sov\s0110.htm heading lines for districts 70 and 71 should be in bold letters
2000-12-12 Ec S 74 \sov\s0074.htm district number for Kaaden must read '31' (instead of '30')
2000-12-12 Ec S 56 \sov\s0056.htm district number for Deutsch Gabel must read '9' (instead of '1')
2000-12-12 Ad S 3 \sov\s0003.htm table of contents: extended by private additions for Part II und III
2000-12-12 Co D   \dkw\s0vtca.htm sample place names taken from Schönau's vicinity were replaced by names of Zeberhisch/Zeberhiesch/Zeberheisch
2000-12-12 Ad D   \dkw\s0edit.htm note that place name of 'Zeberhisch' also is used as 'Zeberhiesch' and (even officially) as 'Zeberheisch'
2000-12-12 Co     \start.htm level-identification at top of CD start-page changed from '(Stand 03.10.2000)' to '(Stand 12.12.2000)' [etc.]
2000-12-12 Co G,D,S   \*\*.htm level-identification at bottom of all CD web-pages changed to date '[20001212]'; in future, this date will indicate the very last modification date of that page
2000-12-12 Co     \ankuend.htm
Shipment cost: mail tariff to outside of Germany is always world tariff (like to USA)
2000-12-10 Co S   \sov\s0strt.htm in blue text heading: 'Ortsverzeichnis' replaced by 'Ortsnamenverzeichnis'
2000-12-10 Co S   \sov\s0edit.htm in the chapter of acknowledgements: expression of 'Buches von B. Brandl' replaced by 'Sudetendeutschen Ortsnamenverzeichnisses'
2000-12-10 Re     \english.htm (complete revision)
2000-12-10 Ad D 360 \dkw\s0360.htm 'Stará' changed to 'Stará [Stara]'
    (for enhanced text search)
'véz' changed to 'véz [vez]'
    (for enhanced text search)
2000-12-10 Ad D 364 \dkw\s0364.htm 'Polák' changed to 'Polák [Polak]'
    (for enhanced text search)
2000-12-10 Co D   \dkw\s0edit.htm 'Tetx' changed to 'Text'
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